Submission Guidelines

Because we know there are so many Young and Savvy Genealogists in the world, we don't want to be the only ones telling all the stories. We want your stories to be told, and to learn from your experiences.

Submission Guidelines

To submit a guest post to Young and Savvy Genealogists, please send us an email with your contribution either inline or attached. Submissions may be in any format, including:

  • Text
  • Video (preferably hosted on another site from which we can embed it, such as YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Photographs
  • Original artwork
  • Audio (Interviews, original music, speeches, lectures, etc.)

You do NOT have to be a young genealogist to submit. Part of being a young and savvy genealogist means learning from anyone and everyone, and we welcome posts from our more seasoned readers.

Please also note that Young & Savvy Genealogists is an ad-free community. While we may provide book or product reviews, we do not provide ad space. We are not engaged in any sort of paid endorsements, and as a matter of policy we ask that guest posters do not use Y&SG space for self-promotion, advertising, or commercial activities.

All guest submissions in any format remain the property of the original author of that content. Please provide the specific copyright notices you wish to be affixed to all materials for which you are the creator and copyright holder. All sources and their copyright status must be provided for all content that you submit. Where sources and provenance cannot be determined, we reserve the right to remove any material--in part or in whole--from our website.


Written guests posts should be in the ballpark of between 500 and 1500 words. Some posts may be as long as 2000 words, if the length is necessary to the proper exploration of a topic. For topics requiring more than this, we are happy to consider proposals for a guest series. Please be prepared to give an outline of your series, including the number of posts.

We reserve the right to edit, format, or shorten your entry if necessary. We will contact you about any changes and offer you the chance to review the final product before posting. This will be handled via a PDF screenshot of the post preview, so please be prepared to review a PDF file, and respond with any final comments or corrections.


Below you'll find examples of what we're looking to feature on our site. The purpose of this list is to help you brainstorm, and we welcome other topics as well. Because we take a special interest in young and savvy genealogists, please consider how you can best address that audience in the topics and experiences you choose to share.

Giving Back

No matter where you live, there is local history that you can help to preserve. Simply find a project you can get excited about, participate, write about it, and send it to us. You can volunteer at local historical and genealogical societies, help to clean up/preserve local historic sites, index records, photograph cemeteries through projects like BillionGraves or Find A Grave, or volunteer to take research requests on websites like Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness. Anything you are doing or have done to contribute to the genealogical community, we want to hear about it.


What success are you having in your personal research? What mysteries have you solved or walls have you broken down? What research methods are you using? What tools do you find useful? What are you doing that is helping you to have success? Did you think of a creative way to use technology for your family history? Whether it's a research strategy, a new record collection, or a new tool that has made the difference, share the wealth of your experience with us!


Are you stumped on a problem you want help to solve? Would you like suggestions on where to go or what to try next? Submit your inquiries via email, and let us know if you would simply like an answer back, or would allow us to feature our answers on the blog. Not all inquiries will be featured. 


None of us are perfect at what we do. No matter how long we've been researching, there are always new things to learn. Do you have a special skill set or experience we could learn from? Have you attended or taught a conference, class, lecture, seminar, or even watched an online tutorial that would be beneficial to a young and savvy audience? Let us know when you find new educational resources--books, videos, tutorials, how-to articles, anything that helps you to be a better researcher.

Sweet Spots

Spotlight projects that engage the next generation from your local historical societies, or give a shout out to another genealogical organization or repository that has helped you in a meaningful or unexpected way. We love when those within and without the genealogical community are helpful, and we want to publicly congratulate the groups and individuals who do it best!

Sharing with Family

All of the information we find has the strongest impact on our lives when we share it with our other family members. How do you share your genealogy with your family? DNA stories, connections with long lost family members, interviews with family members, photos and stories from your family reunions, traditions, interesting old photos that you want to use as cousin bait--we'll be sharing our stories, and we welcome you to do the same. 

Comment Policy

All comments are to be constructive, and respectful in tone and content. We reserve the right remove any comment from our website for any reason, especially if you criticize or denigrate any author on this website solely based on their youth or expertise. Such behavior is detrimental to the genealogical community. We view such blatant discrimination as wholly unacceptable, and we will report anyone who engages in it on our site.