Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Genea-Adventure!

One half of the Young & Savvy Genealogists team is heading off on a genea-adventure tomorrow to Salt Lake City for the Federation of Genealogical Societies & RootsTech Conferences.

I'm a Blog Ambassador for FGS!
I left sunny, warm Brisbane on Friday afternoon & flew to Sydney. Tomorrow (Monday morning) I fly to LAX and then on-wards to Salt Lake City. I have never been to Salt Lake City and I have not been to LAX airport for five years. Plus, I have never flown to the US without my parents before so it really will be an adventure!

I am super excited to attend my first RootsTech & FGS Conferences. I cannot believe it is actually happening! I would love to meet as many of you as possible, and perhaps rope in a few other young genealogists to do some guest posts on Y&SG. That would be awesome!

If you wish to keep up with my genea-adventures at the conference, I shall be attempting to daily blog over at Genealogically Speaking, updating my Facebook, and live tweeting. Hopefully the internet lives up to its expectations! I shall be doing some vlogging too, but depending on the hotel internet, those may not go up until I am at my Grandparents the following week.

If any of you are going to RootsTech & FGS, be sure to let me know! If only my Y&SG other half Heather was going.

Catch ya on the flip side y'all!

PS. I'll be the one at the conference wearing the cat ears headband.