Monday, September 30, 2013


My name is Heather and I'm a young and savvy genealogist! I'm 23 years old and have been doing family history for ten years now. I started with a few names scribbled into an old composition book with Crayola markers as a young girl. My research has since taken me deep into the history of the American South and around the world to England, Ireland, Canada, Jamaica, Barbados, and Grenada.

And that list continues to grow!

I have a genealogy blog over at Of Trees & Ink, and I have been participating in genealogy blogging since 2011. I've met a lot of truly awesome people from some really cool places. They care about genealogy as much as I do, and connecting with them has been a really rewarding experience.

But there's something missing from this genealogy community... something important :)

More young people like me and Caitie! A community where we can talk together with other young genealogists like us.

So we're building a new community here. If you're under 30 and love genealogy, we want you to be a part of it. If you have stories you want to tell, we want to hear them!

We're going to be working on building up the genealogical community in 4 ways:

  1. Giving Back: No matter where you live, there is local history that you can help to preserve. Simply find a project you can get excited about, participate, write about it, and send it to us. Or write about it on your own blog and send us the link to feature it. You can volunteer at local historical and genealogical societies, help to clean up/preserve local historic sites, index records, photograph cemeteries through projects like BillionGraves or Find A Grave, or volunteer to take research requests who live far away from you, but need records where you live. Anything you are doing or have done to contribute to the genealogical community, we want to hear about it.
  2. Success: What success are you having in your personal research? What mysteries have you solved or walls have you broken down? What research methods are you using? What tools do you find useful? What are you doing that is helping you to have success? Did you think of a creative way to use technology for your family history? Let us know!
  3. Learning: None of us are perfect at what we do. No matter how long we've been researching, there are always new things to learn. Share what you learned from a particular conference, class, seminar, or even an online tutorial from others in the genealogical community. Let us know when you find new educational resources--books, videos, tutorials, how-to articles, anything that helps you to be a better researcher. You can spotlight your local historical societies, or give a shoutout to another organization or researcher who helped you in an unexpected way.
  4. Sharing: All of the information we find has the strongest impact on our lives when we share it with our other family members. How do you share your genealogy with your family? DNA stories, connections with long lost family members, interviews with family members, photos and stories from your family reunions, traditions, interesting old photos that you want to use as cousin bait--we'll be sharing our stories, and we welcome you to do the same.
Caitie and I will be posting our experiences with these--but we want to hear from other young and savvy genealogists and feature your stories here! Submit your stories to us--find the instructions on how to do so in the Submit section above. 

If you are a savvy but not-so-young genealogist, please feel free to share our site with anyone who is. If you are a young and savvy genealogist and want us to know it, leave a comment with a link to your site!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!